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Gentle Waves of Sound

Ever since I was a little girl, singing and creating music has been an intrinsic part of my journey. When I was a baby and throughout my childhood, my mother would sing to me; I’ve always loved hearing her beautiful, soothing voice and I remember feeling held in gentle waves of sound as she would softly sing “You Are My Sunshine." It’s still one of my favorite songs today and perhaps the inspiration behind how I started singing and toning around the same time I was learning how to speak.

I remember playing in the gardens of my backyard and sitting with the plants for hours, creating little songs for the flowers, birds, butterflies and bees. It would bring me so much peace to sing while immersed in nature and I loved sharing my voice in this way. These special moments allowed me to deepen my connection to the earth and celebrate the intricate web of life and beauty that surrounded me.

To this day I will always stop what I’m doing to sing to a bird if it’s close by. I love feeling their presence as they receive a song and witnessing the response of their piqued curiosity as I share a melody that emanates from my heart. I truly honor these precious moments as they bring me back to some of my happiest memories of my childhood, intuitively singing and flowing in my mother’s gardens and connecting to the soul of the earth.

Sound is a universal language, it is energy medicine and an endless expression of love. Amidst the waves of sound and hidden within the silence, there is an infinite symphony of healing all around us if we take a moment to pause and listen.

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