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Legacy of Light

Tonight’s New Moon Solar Eclipse marks the last lunation of 2019 and with it comes a powerful opportunity to cleanse, release and renew before the decade comes to an end. Think of a Solar Eclipse as a super-charged New Moon, it is a potent portal to access your hopes, dreams, and desires in order to consciously expand your reality and focus on what you’d like to manifest in your life.

The eclipse will be exact at 9:13 pm PST on December 25th and 12:13 am EST on the 26th at 4’06 of Capricorn and is conjunct Jupiter and making a positive, flowing aspect to Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and higher consciousness and this alignment creates a beautiful space for spiritual evolution, prosperity, and good fortune. Uranus is known as the great awakener, and these aspects can provide an opportunity for heightened self-awareness through increased intuition, flashes of inspiration and access to higher dimensional realms.

As the Moon crosses over the Sun from our view on Earth, many are referring to this annular eclipse as a “ring of light” due to the way the Moon’s shadow will cast a luminescent halo of light in the sky, creating a ring of fire around the edges of the Sun.

The element of fire is a powerful force, one that can be harnessed to create, destroy, purify and transform. In an esoteric sense, this alignment represents our inner light, as well as the divine spark that exists and burns within each and every soul. 2019 has been an accelerated catalyst for personal growth and quantum shifts in consciousness, fully activating deep healing and clearing for our collective awakening and ascension.

We are infinitely supported as we embark on a new cycle of transformation and this New Moon Solar Eclipse is offering us an auspicious opportunity to fully embody our highest expression and step into the throne of who we really are. As we alchemize both our shadow and our light, we align with our highest destiny and are reminded even in our darkest hour, there are divine seeds of hope and inspiration waiting to be activated and illuminated.

As divine creators, we are multidimensional beings with the ability to access and lead a legacy of light. It is from this ownership that we have the power to transform our individual reality as well as that of the collective. As our inner light becomes rekindled and reignited, now is the time for mindful reflection and introspection, perhaps creating a sacred space for yourself to go within, to help fully integrate all the lessons (and blessings!) you’ve experienced throughout the year and this past decade. Any moment becomes a ceremony with full presence, intention, love and care. Become fully present with your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and words. Sometimes we don’t realize we're blocking our own blessings by holding onto the past or dimming our own light by succumbing to negative beliefs or thought patterns- it’s time to release and let go. Trust you are always supported in the expansion of your consciousness, and in every moment we have the power to transform our reality and align with our highest destiny.

Every moment is sacred. YOU are sacred. When we return to this space of conscious creation, we are harnessing the ability to access the power of miracles at any moment and are anchoring in the codes of a new, life-sustaining reality every single time.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and a blessed and beautiful New Moon Solar Eclipse. May we always honor all life as we lead a legacy of love.

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