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Venus Retrograde: A Return to Love

On October 5th, planet Venus will begin her retrograde cycle at 10° Scorpio. This period will last for 40 days and 40 nights, until November 16th, when Venus goes direct at 25° Libra.

Venus is the Goddess of love. She rules over relationships and is the overseer of our heart. Venus is the essence of openness; she represents our heart chakra and encourages us to open ourselves up to all possibilities and into the fullest expression of giving and receiving. She is what we hold near and dear and holds space for what we value most. She is our own sense of worthiness, both within and without. As the energy of the Divine Feminine, her essence is that of embracing and allowing, encouraging us to build connections, create and manifest miracles and to find beauty in all that life has to offer.

When we first enter into this world, our hearts are wide open. We are ready to explore, we are ready to love and we are ready to connect. We are ready to flow and to find our way. This is our Divine nature and our true sovereign self.

As we grow and get older, we go through the inevitable process of loving and losing. As we love, we lose and we love again, sometimes a shift begins to happen. Through our losses, our heartbreak and our pain, we start to become more easily conditioned and programmed away from our natural essence and our true Self. Little by little, the idea that love is a precious but fleeting commodity can become not only a belief, but a manifestation.

Sometimes through our challenges and experiences, we become conditioned to walk through life with a mask. We learn to put on our armour and put up our shields to protect ourselves from the outside world. We begin to believe our heart is something that must be fiercely guarded and protected. It is not always possible to walk through life with our heart innocently on our sleeve, but finding a balance is important. The heart is a delicate thing and yet this Venus Retrograde is here to challenge how we deal with these lessons. It is time to tear down the walls we’ve built and to let our guard down. It is time to take off our masks, unlock the armour and put down our shields. Now is the time for a rebirth of our heart.

No matter where you are on this spectrum, Venus Retrograde is going to challenge any and all blockages and limiting beliefs you may have. Through her journey from Scorpio back into the sign of Libra, she is beckoning us to revisit and re-evaluate how to better give and receive. We are being encouraged to transmute and transform all our heart based lessons into blessings, as we courageously return back to the vibration of love.

Through these 40 days and 40 nights, we will initiate a metamorphosis, an alchemical process of transformation. As we begin to surrender, release the blockages and pick up the pieces, we will resurrect ourselves back to life and back to Light again.

In every moment, with every breath, we have the opportunity to choose love over fear. To love- to feel love, to give love and to BE LOVE is an intrinsic part of who we really are. It is our purest expression and truest form. In ‘A Course in Miracles,’ it simply but profoundly states, “only love is real.” Think about that for a moment. Only love is real. Nothing more and nothing less. We are all Love because love is all there is.

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