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Harvest Moon

The Aries Full Moon is exact today, Sept 24th at 7:52 pm. Throughout history, the Harvest Moon's presence in the sky would signify the change of seasons and in the Northern Hemisphere, the Full Moon cycle closest to the Autumn Equinox. While we no longer need the Moon as a reminder to collect our crops, this moon cycle has worked its way into the cultural fibers of our modern existence and it's esoteric significance can be felt as a time for metaphorically reaping what we sow and both cleansing and clearing that which is no longer serving. Now is the time to release, let go, share and shed (whether physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or all of the above.) Mercury is conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon at 2 degrees Libra and the Moon is conjunct Chiron, opposite the Sun at 2 degrees Aries. In astrology, Chiron is known as the "wounded healer" or as I like to put it, "healer heal thyself." Moon/Chiron transits bring up themes of deep soul cleansing and healing rising to the surface and needing attention, especially when it comes to wounds or trauma from our past or from our childhood. At this time, it is important to remember we are our own greatest healers. We have the ability to resurrect even our oldest emotional wounds and baggage from the deepest, darkest depths of our soul and can transmute this energy toward the Light for our spiritual ascension and evolution. We are currently entering a phase of karmic completion and resolution. Now is the time to dive deep, exploring and embracing both our shadows and our light. Expect endings to make room for new beginnings. Honor both your pleasure and your pain; your challenges and your triumphs; your sadness and your bliss. Forgiveness and acceptance is key. The Sun at 2 degrees Libra is also conjunct the Super Galactic Center, a giant black hole the size of 30 trillion Sun's and the core of a larger cluster of galaxies forming a Super Galaxy. This giant vortex is like a massive vacuum of energy that can ignite an insatiable emotional hunger creating our own black hole of darkness or depression. It is now more important than ever to treat ourselves (and others) with gentle kindness and compassion, so not to be swept up, or swept away by our ego, our old stories, or our fears. Grounding into the present and anchoring into our heart space will help us better navigate these transitions and come from a space of unconditional love. The key is to trust and surrender. Relinquish control and what is no longer serving you to greater enjoy the bounty and abundance of our harvests and to make room for what you want to call in. Now is the time to remember we are the true alchemists of our destiny... and we have had the ability to transmute any stagnate negative energy toward our inner growth and ascension all along. With every step and every breath we can turn any battlefield into our playground... and these are the very steps that have led us to these present moments now. Wishing you all a bountiful, beautiful and infinitely blessed Full Moon tonight. May we all focus on our inner world so that our outer world can better reflect who we are and the greater embodiment of the sovereign divinity within. May we anchor and deepen our connection to our truth, our hearts, our love, our Great Mother Earth and one another as we unite and expand in an infinite vibration of Creation that pulses and breathes within all of Source and all of Life.

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