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Venus Enters Pisces: The Goddess of Unconditional Love

Venus the Goddess of love; beauty; relationships; our self worth and values has moved into the dreamy, ethereal, compassionate sign of Pisces on Saturday, February 10th at 3:19pm PST. Did you feel the shift?

Venus in Pisces is the exaltation of the highest illuminated love vibration and is the romantic dreamer and healer of the zodiac.

As we weave between Eclipses and pass through this interdimensional portal of consciousness, we will begin to feel a heightened energetic shift of transcendence toward a greater state of awareness and togetherness with more authenticity and grace.

There is a tenderness to Piscean energy that will help us tune into a softer, more fluid frequency of this vibration, and we will begin to treat both ourselves and others with greater kindness and compassion.

Venus in Pisces exudes unconditional LOVE and then radiates this powerful energy into all she cares about. It is the, "I feel it in my soul, so let's do this," kind of energy; It is the ultimate vibration of creation and manifestation for the highest good of all.

The Goddess of LOVE will flow through the gentle sign of Pisces until March 6th, and during this transit, we will all be more willing and naturally inclined to work together to make the world a kinder and more peaceful place.

Let us all take more time to embody and express the LOVE VIBRATION in its purest form- all while bringing in the beauty and the magic of the world around us with greater flow and ease. Sending out the highest vibrational energy of LOVE and pure white light to you all and may you have a blessed and beautiful night with the sweetest of dreams.

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