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Standing in Solidarity With Standing Rock

Calling all Light Walkers, Healers and EVERY SINGLE SOUL that stands for Love, Truth, Justice, Unity, PEACE and the Protection of Earth and Her Sacred Grounds.

The brave, beautiful souls of Standing Rock are PROTECTING their land and our Earth, they are not protesting. Standing Rock is a community of people from all walks of life courageously standing up against racial and environmental injustice, and doing so PEACEFULLY with hearts filled with compassion and LOVE.

Please find it in your own heart to give or help in any way you can; any amount can and WILL make a difference. The official site to donate toward this worthy cause is: or go to

We must stand together and help one another more than ever before- we are all being called to unite NOW.

Every prayer will help. Every positive thought and intention toward unity and protection will help. Please hold space for LOVE and LIFE and keep faith it is all happening for a greater purpose... A purpose that will UNITE us all and help make serious change for the sake of humanity and for Mother Earth.

The time is NOW to Remember Who You Are and your unlimited capacity to LOVE. Please remember your capacity to make a difference, to promote healing and your own power to help. We must remember Mother Earth as a sacred, divine entity and let this propel us into action for our highest collective good. Let's all stand up and stand together. Let us all UNITE.

Sending out endless love, and my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you all. I am proud and humbled to walk beside you on this path toward change and I pray this takes us all to the highest places of love and compassion we have yet to see on Earth.

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