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Wild Flower

It's a beautiful life and I'm so thankful for the moment this tiny purple flower blessed me with today.

After biking with my Mom along some carriage roads, we decided to make a quick stop near an empty bridge. We walked down a ravine and toward the water, which was cascading over some jagged rocks creating a babbling stream and a little hidden waterfall. On my way to the waters edge, I almost stepped right past her, but somehow her bright purple petals caught my eye, silently reaching out to me.

She stood there all on her own; simple, wild, perfectly flawed and beautiful. Against the odds, this pretty little wildflower somehow made a home in the tiny cracks through the jagged granite rock. Like a lotus, she pushed herself up through the mud and the darkness, slowly sprouting and unraveling her petals to bend and grow toward the light.

Despite all the elements, her little roots allowed her to stand on her own and held her firmly to the ground; giving her the strength to weather the storms. She was not only surviving, but somehow she discovered how to bloom and eventually how to thrive.

This single little purple flower allowed herself to grow in a place I'm sure many people never thought she would; accomplishing things they never thought she could... And that is why she is so special and perfect to me. This pretty little wild flower captured my heart. 💜

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