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The First Full Moon of 2016: Full Moon in Leo- The Wolf Moon

Welcome to the first Full Moon of 2016 which is exact on Saturday, January 23rd at 5:46pm PST, 8:46pm EST. This Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon and is in the sign of Leo; which from our view on Earth, is directly opposing the Aquarius Sun. The names of each Full Moon date back to Native American tribes indigenous to the northern and eastern hemispheres of the United States. These tribal cultures created specific symbols for each Full Moon to identify the different seasons and to express the spiritual essence and nature of each lunation cycle.

The Wolf Moon was created as the snow gathered deep in the woods and the howling wolves were heard echoing throughout the forest. This literal explanation paints a beautiful picture and still has powerful significance today. It perfectly embodies the nature of the universal energy we are experiencing on a conscious level.

Much like the totem of the wolf, it is time to fully embody our wild, sovereign nature and our innate instinctual wisdom. I am channeling this Full Moon energy as an opportunity to individually step into power while simultaneously remembering and owning who you are. This is not the realm of the ego, but rather it is remembering your essence and why you’re here. This is ancient memory buried deep within, waiting patiently to be realized and to be of service.

A Full Moon is the time to step into the fullest expression of your raw, primal self. It encourages us to embrace the most authentic aspects of our core and to show up wholly and completely. Use this power with deliberate intention to transcend toward the highest vibrations of Spirit and your greatest good. Now is the moment of truth; it is time to reclaim your power, shine your Divine light, own your true sovereign nature and share your gifts with the world. Now is the time to empower your inner Queen or King and proudly allow that white light to emanate through you.

With the Mercury Retrograde/Pluto conjunction still in effect today, the archetype of the Wolf is powerfully significant. This transformative aspect aligned with the Full Wolf Moon calls on us to venture deep into our psyches to face the abyss of our fears. The wolf is the supreme hunter; fearless, swift, resilient and strong. It is time we dive deep into our own dark forests, into the restrictive paradigms that are no longer serving us. This transcendence of knowledge serves to empower and will inevitably help us gain better awareness to our true nature and potential. We must finally face our fears so we can bravely move forward in our lives.

Traditionally, wolves are known as great teachers and leaders. They love and fiercely protect their family and guard their young. They remain loyal and respect pack order and elders with great discipline. Using their resources and instinctual nature, they rely on intelligence and intuition to adapt to even the harshest environments to ensure the pack will thrive. These ideals perfectly describe the vision needed in order to properly manifest within the current Moon in Leo/Sun in Aquarius polarity. In order to create and manifest, one must discover what is loved, embrace these unique gifts and then define where they belong. Protect your dreams and vision with love. Respect and honor your creative gifts and then propel them into the world from a place of authentic presence. Now is the time to use this energy to fiercely nurture your goals to life.

This Full Wolf Moon gives us a chance to focus on balancing the masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) energies within us all on an individual and a collective level. As the Sun calls toward our will to create, manifest and push forward, please keep in mind the feminine energy of the Moon and it’s receptive, intuitive, and nurturing nature. As we connect with the Great Mother and this Divine Feminine energy, we are accessing the frequency of unconditional love- something that is much needed at this time. There is a Father Sky/Mother Earth, Sun/Moon, assertive/receptive polarity within each of us and to understand, appreciate and integrate these energies is to truly evolve and transcend.

Although the ancient wisdom of lunar cycles and how they relate to our bodies, our experience and our consciousness has been a lost language for some time, I believe it is imperative to bring this information back. Rediscovering the patterns of the cosmos and then synergistically relating them to the internal cycle within will bring a better balance to the ego and into the patriarchal society in which we live. Each lunation cycle not only uncovers the intricate patterns of the Universe, but it also reveals the secrets which lie within.

At our core, our DNA understands we are lunar rhythmic. We must reclaim and uncover this ancient knowledge and begin to embrace it again. We need to rediscover and reactivate these codes of light that have been dormant within our DNA for thousands of years.

God has designed our bodies with an intricate rhythm. As you begin to embrace this aspect of yourself, you will find better balance and regain better overall health. As a greater appreciation for this symphonic rhythm grows, a deeper compassion and stronger love for yourself and for others will be nourished. Embracing and celebrating the Divine Feminine and each lunar cycle is to embrace and celebrate the primal wisdom of creation; and this wisdom is within each and everyone one of us.

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