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Starseed DNA + Inner Goddess Activation

Full Activation Session

  • 1 h 20 min
  • 375 US dollars
  • Live Video Chat or Phone with Optional Recorded Session

Service Description

Have you been feeling the call to fully step into your power & activate the full spectrum of your DNA? Are you ready to remember your multidimensional self- exploring who you are, why you're here and where you’re from? If you've ever wondered where your soul has traveled beyond this 3D realm, or if you have ever yearned for confirmation or understanding of lifetimes in Sumeria, Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Avalon (to name a few!) or any of the MANY cosmic lineages and star families throughout our galaxy and beyond, then a Starseed DNA & Inner Goddess Activation is the perfect reading for you. In the dawning of a New Age on Earth, there are those of us that are the way-showers in this shift in consciousness, reawakening to our soul's greatest potential and embracing our divinely inspired intuitive gifts. Your spiritual destiny calls to you now, guiding you back home to your heart and reigniting a passion for your purpose and soul mission. As Starseeds, we are the pioneers of a Golden Age on Earth. We are the messengers, the lightworkers & the spiritual guides, here to help light the way for others to remember their true nature and assist with Earth’s ascension into an elevated level of consciousness & a more enlightened way of being. This reading will activate the keycodes & light codes embedded deep within your DNA. It will ignite a profound remembrance of your purest, highest expression & help you better understand & embrace why you’ve chosen to incarnate at this time. Using a mix of intuitive channeling & traditional astrology, I have pioneered a healing modality to help translate the luminaries, planets, asteroids & stars at the exact moment of your birth, creating an elaborate blueprint of your soul's journey, while deeply exploring your akashic through all timelines- while reuniting you with your cosmic lineage & families of light. Here, you will meet your Angels, Guides, many of the Ascended Masters and your Higher Self- exploring the wisdom and lost teachings of the Goddess and reuniting with your Family of Light. This is your Divine Team that holds space for you to remember who you are and why you've chosen to incarnate at this time. Past, present and future timelines weave together, illuminating your akashic and igniting a sacred flame within to activate your life's purpose and highest potential. It's time we all remember the full expression of our divinity, as this embodiment is our divine inheritance and the purest part of our soul.

Contact Details

+ 6463190225


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