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Astrology Leadership Discovery Call

A Free Call to Answer Questions & Apply

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Service Description

Thank you for your interest in the Astrology Leadership Program! I'm so excited to connect with you and learn more about your intentions in taking your understanding of astrology to the next level. In my life, astrology is a gift and guiding light that has helped me align with my true purpose. Remembering the luminous language of astrology has unlocked a rich spiritual legacy interwoven deep within my soul. In this unique ONE-ON-ONE immersive Astrology Leadership Program, I am sharing LIFETIMES of acquired wisdom and my 8+ years of experience as a professional astrologer and intuitive channel. It is my highest intention to empower you on an inspired path of leadership and self-discovery through a better understanding of the eloquent expression of the stars. From beginner to advanced, this course is designed to take you to the next level! The ALP is a 6 week/6 session one-on-one mentorship consciously designed with your unique goals and intentions in mind. Each session we will focus on your natal chart and the charts of family members and friends. I find learning astrology this way is most helpful since you already have a context. Throughout the program I will additionally be providing several case studies, as well as extensive notes and Google Docs to help us go even deeper and bring in new energy to discover and explore. If you are currently new on your path of exploration, we will start with fundamentals, or if you feel you already have a solid foundation and understanding of astrology, we can dive in deeper and explore more advanced techniques including interpreting planetary transits and progressions; love/relationship readings; solar and lunar returns; the asteroids and fixed stars; discovering Starseed markings and/or Divine Feminine expressions within a natal chart- these are just some examples and we can truly go over all you wish to explore with a focused intention each week. In this 6 session/6 week program, we will be connecting via Zoom each week. Each session is 90-120 mins and we will record it for you too so you will always have the videos as a resource to refer back to. If this opportunity sounds like it's in your highest excitement, I would absolutely LOVE to support you in this way! Because of the immersive nature of this program, I have limited spaces available so please book your Discovery Call and let's connect ASAP!

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