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Beyond the Planets 2 Decoding Her-Story

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Beyond the Planets 2: Decoding Her Story is a Divine Feminine mystery school created with the highest intention of supporting us all in remembering the heart of who we really are. These live channeled teachings emerge for a new age, inspiring a new era and reaching a collective ready to embrace the level of consciousness needed to honor Divine Feminine wisdom as a bold, awakened, fully-embodied presence on Earth. Soaring like a phoenix, the sacred flames of the Divine Feminine are ignited once again to shine boldly and brightly as a torch of radiant starlight. Here is the great unveiling of wisdom once lost & forgotten. This is the great retelling of ancient stories once buried & burned. IN THIS 8 CLASS SERIES, ERIKA IS SHARING OVER 25 HOURS OF LIVE CHANNELED ASTROLOGY & UNPRECEDENTED WISDOM TEACHINGS LIKE NEVER BEFORE! THIS REVOLUTIONARY MASTERCLASS BLENDS ASTROLOGY, ANCIENT MYSTICISM, MYTHOLOGY, DIVINE FEMININE MYSTERY SCHOOL TEACHINGS, STARSEED MARKINGS & AKASHIC JOURNEYING ALL WHILE ILLUMINATING HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Whether you are new or advanced, this masterclass is OPEN TO ALL LEVELS & will exponentially expand upon your existing knowledge while taking your personal & professional aspirations to new heights. You are cordially invited to take an expansive journey into the Divine Feminine mysteries... where we will unlock the many secrets of ancient-future wisdom traditions and illuminate the infinite, luminous nature of your soul.

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