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Beyond the Planets 3 Starseed & Galactic Astrology


Beyond the Planets 3: Starseed DNA & Galactic Astrology is a revolutionary masterclass created with the highest intention to support you in discovering your unique cosmic codes and the multidimensional mandala of your soul. This cosmic mystery school is a living transmission designed to support you in empowering your Highest Self all while discovering the true radiance of who you really are. For 9 consecutive weeks we will deep dive into the secret wisdom teachings of Galactic & Quantum Astrology, expanding far beyond the planets into distant galaxies, star systems and spiritual realms to uncover over 30 different Star Races, Starseed Markings & Angelic Connections. You will receive over 33 hours of live channeled teachings! This virtual masterclass was originally recorded in webinar format on Zoom and each session is 3 to 4 hours in duration. Tune in, watch any time and learn at your own pace! *No refunds on any courses or services​

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