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Beyond the Planets 1 Hidden Secrets Of The Stars


Since the beginning of time, humans have studied the relationship between the planets and stars. This sacred synergy is a frequency encoded deep within our DNA, reflecting the blueprint of our soul and resounding a luminous Language of Light. For thousands of years, these mysteries have remained hidden, whispered only by those who've apprenticed with masters and studied the ancient wisdom school traditions... but this knowledge doesn't have to be practiced by a chosen few! I want you to be educated and informed so you can better understand the inner workings of the universe and collaborate with our cosmic allies like the loving guides they are. It is my highest intention to empower you on a path of inspiration, leadership and self-discovery through illuminating the eloquent expression of the stars. THIS 8 SESSION MASTERCLASS INCLUDES OVER 20 HOURS OF LIVE CHANNELED ASTROLOGY TAUGHT LIKE YOU'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE! In this masterclass, Erika will be sharing 9+ years of experience as a professional astrologer and lifetimes of acquired wisdom. Her unprecedented techniques include a unique approach rooted in the ancient mystery school traditions and channeled from a quantum and cosmic perspective. This is not a typical astrology course! We will be diving deep into the esoteric mysteries to reveal ancient wisdom and hidden secrets of the asteroids, fixed stars, hidden planets & signs, sacred symbolism of the Goddess, Starseed markings plus so much more!

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